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About Us

Island Ice Cream is an ice cream vending company with a wide selection of nutritious ice cream choices. We are leaders in the ice cream vending business transforming schools, office buildings, cafeterias and other spaces in the New York area. Our number one priority is to ensure excellent customer service by providing an assortment of ice cream choices, reliable prompt service to support vending needs, and professional assistance to all of our clients.

Energy efficiency is a great concern of today’s society, and a priority of ours. We use green vending machines that save our clients a substantial amount of money each and every year. The latest Evolution frozen vendors set the new standard for green vending machines and energy efficient refrigerated vendors. Our machines deliver more versatility, reliability & energy efficient performance than its predecessors.

Vending Machine in Attraction Area

The vending machine and the attractions are mutually beneficial. One will draw people to the other. You profit from both!

Placement Considerations

High Visibility: Can be seen from most places within and outside, (if possible) your establishment.
High-Traffic: Where customers may have to pass more than once.
Electric Outlet: Ideally located immediately behind machine.
Trash Can: Should be located nearby.

We Provide Vending Services to the following businesses and organizations:



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