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F-631 Machine

F631 Frozen Merchandiser is the industry’s first vendor to use simple, reliable robotic vacuum pick-and-place technology for dispensing product. The F631 will hold up to 18 selections of ice cream novelties, pints, and frozen food items, at up to 12 pieces per selection.

Its glass front has a backlit photographic display visible from a long distance. Product samples are displayed on backlit horizontal shelves for maximum visibility. The machine always looks full. In addition, the glass front allows viewing of the robotic “show.”

The robotic technology has been in wide use in production and assembly lines. It is simple and reliable. Only three interchangeable motors are used for all movements with picking accuracy of 1/16th of an inch, and a product weight capacity of 3 pounds.

Programming the robot is easily done in just minutes. It is completely self-diagnostic and designed for easy servicing or replacement.

The chest freezer has no moving parts inside. Product storage is in inexpensive, removable bins of varying sizes. Bin configuration options are unlimited with the simple reprogramming of the robot.

Inside operating temperature is -20F, with the chest freezer normally closed between product cycles. In case of a power outage, product will typically remain frozen for 12 hours. Temperature loss during loading is minimal.

F-631 Machine Data

Dimensions 72″H x 35-1/2″W x 34-1/2″D

Weight 580 Lbs.

Electrical 220 VAC, Amps

Selections 18

Capacity 220