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Z-400 Machines


Incredible Variety

  • 12 Selections
  • Product Variety: Ice cream bars, cookie sandwiches, frozen tubes, cones and other novelities.
  • Product Capacity: up to 400 bars.

Incredible Reliability

  • Unique chest freezer design – no moving parts in freezer.
  • Guaranteed product delivery.
  • Built to UL outdoor standard.
  • Strong, insulated cabinet for extra security.

Z-400 Machine Data

Dimensions 72″H x 36.75-1/2″W x 35.35″D

Weight 605 Lbs.

Electrical 115 VAC, 10 Amps

Selections 12

Capacity Up to 400 Bars

Pricing Individual $.05 to $9.95

Coinage Multiprice Coin Mech and $ Bill Acceptor